APRIL 5 – 7, 2019

John Wesley Powell River History Museum | Green River, UT

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2019 Schedule


Opening Speaker: ReBecca Hunt-Foster

“Eastern Utah: Where Monumental Dinosaur Discoveries are Made”


ReBecca Hunt-Foster is the new Monument Paleontologist and Museum Curator at Dinosaur National Monument. She was formerly the District Paleontologist for the Canyon Country District of the BLM, located in Moab. ReBecca holds a Master of Science in Geology (emphasizing in Vertebrate Paleontology) from Texas Tech University, and has a Bachelor’s of Science in Earth Science from the University of Arkansas. Her current research includes Early Cretaceous ornithomimosaurs from North America, the Upper Cretaceous Williams Fork Formation paleofauna of western Colorado and eastern Utah, the ichnofauna of the lower-middle Jurassic rocks of eastern Utah. ReBecca has worked as a paleontologist in western Colorado and eastern Utah since 2007.
ReBecca will discuss significant fossil discoveries in eastern Utah and how Utah has become a “hot spot” for North American paleontology.



9 AM – 4 PM: Field Trips and Vendor Market Open



9 AM – 3 PM: Field Trips


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Booth Application

Vending booths highlight local artisans and rock shops with a range of items for sale. Informational booths are those of an organization providing information and/or education to the public about geology or relevant to the mineral festival with no items for sale.
  • Marketplace takes place Saturday, April 6th from 9am – 4pm
  • Booth spaces are 10′ x 10′, please contact us in advance if more space is required
  • Outdoors at John Wesley Powell River History Museum, pop-up canopy recommended
  • Vendor is required to provide own tables/chairs/display
  • Electricity is not available
  • Collecting and filing sales tax is vendor’s responsibility
If you have additional questions about vending or hosting an informational booth please contact us at: info(at)greenriverrocks.com


Field Trips

Sign up for field trips at the Information Booth at the John Wesley Powell Museum. We will caravan to the site from the museum. Prepare to drive with a sack lunch, water, and enough gas. Personal vehicles may be required, but carpooling is encouraged.


Mill Canyon Dinosaur Track Site

Join paleontologist ReBecca Hunt-Foster on a tour of the Mill Canyon dinosaur track site located 30-40 miles south of Green River. The recently excavated site features tracks from 8 different species of dinosaur (as well as a crocodile) all in one spot.

Trip Leader ReBecca Hunt-Foster is the new Monument Paleontologist and Museum Curator at Dinosaur National Monument. She previously worked as the District Paleontologist for the Canyon Country District of the BLM.

Collecting Trip: Cretaceous Marine Fossils

On this field trip, we will collect fossils from the Cretaceous aged Mancos Shale.  At Stop 1 we will collect Oysters from the Tununk Member (about 92 million years old).  At Stop 2 we will collect ammonites and bivalves from the Juana Lopez Member (about 89 million years old).

Trip leader Kevin Bylund is an amateur paleontologist who has been collecting ammonites in Utah for the last 50 years (see www.ammonoid.com).  For the last 11 years, he has been working with scientists from Utah and Europe on Triassic ammonoids and other fossils in Utah, Nevada, and Idaho.

Fossil Point Dinosaur Graveyard Tour

Join paleontologist Greg McDonald on a tour of Fossil Point, a site where boulders yield large dinosaur bones that date as far back as the Jurassic Era, 145 million years ago. This extraordinary site, very close to Green River, is home to large dinosaur vertebrae, leg bones, and fantastic views of the La Sal mountains.

Hanksville-Burpee Dinosaur Quarry Tour

Join paleontologist Jim Kirkland on a tour of one of Utah’s most spectacular dinosaur bone sites – the Hanksville-Burpee Dinosaur Quarry. The quarry is an ancient braided-river channel with isolated dinosaur bones and many relatively intact skeletons shallowly buried there. Five species of dinosaur tentatively identified in the field include a diversity of long-necked sauropods (Apatosaurus, Diplodocus, Camarasaurus, and perhaps Brachiosaurus) and Utah’s State Fossil, the carnivorous Allosaurus.

Giant Clam Fossils at the Platyceramus Hills

Join paleontologist Jim Kirkland on a tour of a giant clam fossil site in the Mancos Shale. These clams lived 85 million years ago, during the Age of Dinosaurs, when this part of Utah was under the ocean. The giant clam fossils reach 3 to 4 feet across and could have weighed as much as 50 pounds when they were alive.

Dr. Jim Kirkland has been the Utah State Paleontologist with the Utah Geological Survey over the past 20 years. He issues permits for paleontological research on Utah state lands, keeps tabs on paleontological research and issues across the state, and promotes Utah’s paleontological resources for the public good. An expert on the Mesozoic, he has spent more than forty five years excavating fossils across the southwestern US and Mexico.

Self-Guided Tours

Green River is surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery in Utah. Here are some of our favorite places for you and your travel mates to explore near Green River – all within an hour’s drive! Remember to gas up and bring plenty of provisions with you when traveling into wilderness areas.


Lower Gray Canyon

Past sandy beaches, river rapids, and petroglyphs, this journey takes you into the 1,000 foot deep Lower Gray Canyon along the Green River.

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Black Dragon

The San Rafael Reef is cut through with deep, sinuous canyons adorned with ancient rock art panels. Within the Reef lies the deep Black Dragon Canyon, named for the flying dragon pictograph located on its wall.

Learn More

Crystal Geyser

A rare cold water geyser, the Crystal Geyser gets its power from carbon dioxide. The geyser erupts sporadically (every 12-16 hours) and can last for over an hour. Activity from the geyser has laid down mounds of brightly colored travertine along the shores of the river and makes for a truly otherworldly site.

Lodging & Directions


CNY – Canyonlands Field Airport – Moab, UT (34 mi)
GJT – Grand Junction Regional Airport, CO (102 mi)
PVU – Provo Municipal Airport (142 mi)
SLC – Salt Lake City (186 mi)
DEN – Denver (365 mi)


I-70 from East and West
I-191 from South
US 6 from North


Greyhound stop from East and West (Denver – Las Vegas)


The Amtrak Green River station is served by the California Zephyr.


Robber’s Roost Motel
River Terrace
Knight’s Inn


Swasey’s Beach
Goblin Valley State Park
Green River State Park
Green River KOA