Opening Speaker: ReBecca Hunt-Foster


“Eastern Utah: Where Monumental Dinosaur Discoveries are Made”

ReBecca Hunt-Foster is the new Monument Paleontologist and Museum Curator at Dinosaur National Monument. She was formerly the District Paleontologist for the Canyon Country District of the BLM, located in Moab. ReBecca holds a Master of Science in Geology (emphasizing in Vertebrate Paleontology) from Texas Tech University, and has a Bachelor’s of Science in Earth Science from the University of Arkansas. Her current research includes Early Cretaceous ornithomimosaurs from North America, the Upper Cretaceous Williams Fork Formation paleofauna of western Colorado and eastern Utah, the ichnofauna of the lower-middle Jurassic rocks of eastern Utah. ReBecca has worked as a paleontologist in western Colorado and eastern Utah since 2007.
ReBecca will discuss significant fossil discoveries in eastern Utah and how Utah has become a “hot spot” for North American paleontology.

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