The Swell Utah Speaker: Dr. Tim Riley

FRIDAY, MARCH 27 | 6:00 PM

“Who Painted the Buckhorn Wash Panel? Rediscovering the Human Communities of the Northern San Rafael Swell”

Dr. Riley excavated a larger rockshelter just upstream of the Buckhorn Wash Pictograph panel, one of the best known examples of Barrier Canyon Style rock art. This prominent rockshelter has been known to locals for over a century, but no formal attempt to evaluate its cultural deposits has been undertaken to date. Join Tim as he discusses the results of his recent excavation as well as past research along Buckhorn Wash.

Dr. Riley is the Curator of Archaeology at the Prehistoric Museum at Utah State University Eastern in Price, Utah. He received his undergraduate degree at the University of Chicago and his doctorate at Texas A&M University. He has participated in fieldwork across the Midwest and Southwestern United States. Within the field of archaeology, his specialty is paleoethnobotany, or the study of past human use of plants for subsistence and other aspects of material culture. His research has ranged from assessing diet with coprolites in Texas to examining changes in vegetation associated with agricultural intensification along the Mississippi river. There is a strong ecological approach to his research, focusing on past cultures as an integral part of their environment. He currently serves on the Society for American Archaeology’s Committee on Museums, Collections and Curation and as the Utah Public Education Coordinator.

Dr. Riley’s presentation is made possible by The Swell Utah – Emery County Travel Bureau.