Field Trips

Sign up for field trips at the Information Booth at the John Wesley Powell Museum. We will caravan to the site from the museum. Prepare to drive with a sack lunch, water, and enough gas. Personal vehicles may be required, but carpooling is encouraged.


Crystal Geyser

Join us for a morning trip to Green River’s local geyser just south of town. A rare cold water geyser, the Crystal Geyser gets its power from carbon dioxide. The geyser erupts sporadically (every 12-16 hours) and can last for over an hour. Activity from the geyser has laid down mounds of brightly colored travertine along the shores of the river and makes for a truly otherworldly site.

Leaves 9:30 AM Saturday

Pigeon Blood Agate Rockhounding

Join us for some rockhounding among the washes on the road down to Moab. Rockhound Alison Jean Cole will lead a trip looking for Utah’s famed Pigeon Blood Agate. Participants can expect to find a variety of bright yellow, red and translucent “pigeon blood” agates in the washes among the colorful badlands and Jurassic sandstones. Most agates are palm sized to smaller pieces, but some larger chunks can be found buried in the sandy washes.

Leaves 11:30 AM Saturday

Copper Ridge & Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracks

Join BLM regional paleontologist ReBecca Hunt-Foster on an exploration of the Copper Ridge and Mill Canyon dinosaur track sites located 30-40 miles south of Green River. The Copper Ridge site features the tracks of a long-necked, plant eating sauropod dinosaur, and four three-toed dinosaurs preserved for 150 million years. Just down the road is Mill Canyon, a unique site with tracks from 8 different species of dinosaur (as well as a crocodile) all in one spot.

Leaves 1:30 PM Saturday

Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry

Join us on a full day road trip to explore the Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, a Jurassic fossil bed managed by the BLM. Paleontologist Mike Leschin will tour us through this fascinating site. This day trip is limited to 30 people. Bring a sack lunch, plenty of water and snacks for the road.

Leaves 8:30 AM Sunday


Fossil Point

For those that can’t go to the dinosaur quarry, Greg McDonald will lead a trip to the site of dinosaur bones that date as far back as the Jurassic Era, 145 million years ago. The road to Fossil Point is accessible by most cars except after storms when the road turns to mud and is home to large vertebrae, leg bones, and fantastic views of the La Sal mountains.

Leaves 10:00 AM Sunday