Field Trips

Sign up for field trips at the Information Booth at the John Wesley Powell Museum. We will caravan to the site from the museum. Prepare to drive with a sack lunch, water, and enough gas.


Fossil Point

Join BLM regional paleontologist Greg McDonald on an exploration of Fossil Point, a colorful Jurassic fossil bed located 12.6 miles south of Green River. Greg will help us identify fossil bearing sites, explain fossil and mineral collecting rules on public lands, and help us envision what this place may have looked like 145 million years ago.

Leaves at 2 PM Saturday and 9 AM Sunday

Copper Ridge Dinosaur Tracks

Join BLM regional paleontologist ReBecca Hunt-Foster on an exploration of the Copper Ridge Dinosaur Tracksite located 30 miles south of Green River. The Copper Ridge site features the tracks of a long-necked, plant eating sauropod dinosaur, and four three-toed dinosaurs preserved for 150 million years.

Leaves at 11 AM Saturday

Sego Canyon Petroglyphs

Join Steve Acerson of the Utah Rock Art Association on a tour of beautiful Sego Canyon in nearby Thompson Springs, UT. View petroglyphs and pictographs from three separate indigenous cultures (some dating as far back as 7,000 B.C.) on the walls of the canyon. The rock art in Sego Canyon is some of the best in Utah.

Leaves at 9 AM Saturday and 2 PM Sunday